Japan Train and Temple

This video was shot while I was making my way along a crosswalk in front of Seiken-ji temple in Shizuoka, Japan. This temple is quite famous for many reasons and has played an important role several times in Japanese history. The road between myself and the temple is none other than the famous Old Tokaido Highway which once connected Edo (now Tokyo) to the then imperial capital at Kyoto. I don’t know the reason though it is very common for train drivers to toot their horns after they pass or approach (from the other direction) this temple. Though a very famous temple this location was also once notorious for the open activities of feudal era pimps who sold boys as prostitutes from stalls in front of the steps of this temple (the location where I am walking). Thank you for walking in front of the temple with me. ~Kurt 🙂

Here are some Google Map coordinates for this video:
Camera position: 35.046839,138.513015
Temple coordinates: 35.047464,138.51322


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